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Participation in the Eighth Meeting of the eHealth Stakeholder Group on February 20, 2024

The participation of the coordinator and the project manager of Xt-EHR in the Eighth Meeting of the eHealth Stakeholder Group on February 20, 2024, promises to be critical. With a focus on the state of play of the European Health Data Space (EHDS), this meeting presents an opportune moment for Xt-EHR to provide a comprehensive update on the Extended EHR@EU Data Space for Primary Use. As the project delves into the intricate landscape of health data interoperability and accessibility, the coordinator underscored the advancements made and the challenges encountered, while the project manager offered insights into the technical intricacies and strategic direction. Given the evolving regulatory landscape and the growing importance of smoothed data exchange in healthcare, their contributions to the Q&A session following the update promise to enrich the discourse and illuminate pathways for collaborative progress.

Beyond the EHDS, the meeting also offered a platform for Xt-EHR to engage with other ongoing initiatives and funding opportunities shaping the future of healthcare. From the Virtual Human Twins to the Cancer Imaging Initiative and the ambitious 1+ Million Genomes project, the project manager and coordinator actively participated in discussions, identifying synergies, and potential avenues for collaboration. Moreover, with a dedicated focus on AI in healthcare during the interactive workshop session, their expertise in leveraging emerging technologies to enhance patient care and streamline clinical workflows undoubtedly enriched the dialogue. As the day culminates in planning for the year ahead, the involvement of Xt-EHR's leadership ensures that the project remains at the forefront of innovation, driving tangible impact in the European healthcare landscape.


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