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Project Overview

The Xt-EHR JA aligns with the Commission's commitment to a "Europe fit for the digital age" and advances the objectives of the EU4Health Programme by strengthening health systems. This initiative aims to foster collaboration among MS, including the European eHealth Member States Expert Group (eHMSEG) to enhance the interoperability and exchange of healthcare data. The project contributes to laying the groundwork for the improved primary use of electronic health data, particularly in anticipation of the upcoming European Health Data Space (EHDS) regulation. 



The Xt-EHR proposal involves the development of implementation guides, technical specifications, and a conformity assessment framework for the adoption of the EEHRxF at a European level. The JA encompasses common activities across MS, including the adoption of EEHRxF requirements for interoperability and health information exchange. This spans patient summaries, electronic prescriptions, electronic dispensations, medical images, laboratory results, and hospital discharge reports integrated into EHR solutions within the European digital single market. 

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The project further undertakes evaluations in the context of EEHRxF and EHDS Regulation proposal, with input from the eHMSEG. This includes assessing telemedicine, mobile health, and other health software. Additionally, evaluations focus on common EHR requirements for electronic identification of health professionals and patients based on the European Digital Identity framework, along with the necessary metadata layer. 



Xt-EHR will also address the sustainability of cross-border telemedicine services, incorporating telemonitoring into its evaluation scope. It will prepare guidelines and interoperability requirements for mobile wellness applications, provide a corresponding conformity assessment and labelling scheme, in collaboration with eHMSEG. Furthermore, a conformity assessment scheme will be established for the certification of EHRs in Europe under the EHDS regulation. 



The Xt-EHR project will actively promote interoperability and cross-border exchange of various health data types. This will be achieved by proposing implementation guidelines for new services that complement the MyHealth@EU initiative, with input from eHMSEG. The project will define necessary integration profiles for EHRs in the European market and contribute to the coordination of joint efforts among MS, in the EHDS proposal for the primary use of health data.

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