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Stakeholders Engagement

Through regular consultations, feedback sessions, and workshops, stakeholders including healthcare providers, policymakers, software developers, and patient representatives will have the opportunity to contribute their expertise and insights. This collaborative approach will foster a sense of ownership and commitment among stakeholders towards achieving the objectives of the EHDS proposal.

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Why Engage With Us?

As health stakeholders, you should engage with Xt-EHR because your involvement ensures that the resulting solutions are practical, relevant, and effective in real-world healthcare settings. By actively participating in the development process, you can provide valuable input based on you firsthand experiences and domain expertise, which helps to shape guidelines that address their specific needs and challenges.

Moreover, your engagement fosters ownership and buy-in for the proposed solutions, increasing the likelihood of successful adoption and implementation across healthcare systems. Ultimately, involving health stakeholders ensures that the implementation guidelines and guides produced by the project are not only comprehensive and evidence-based but also truly reflective of the diverse perspectives and priorities within the healthcare community. Stakeholders have the advantage of reviewing the deliverables before they get published, providing them with the opportunity to suggest any changes or modifications, ensuring that the final outputs align closely with their needs and requirements.

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