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Kick off meeting in Brussels - November 2024

In her welcoming address during the kick-off meeting, The Minister of Health of Cyprus, Dr. Popi Kanari, commended the National eHealth Authority (NeHA) for the coordination of the project, praising their approach. Dr. Kanari expressed optimism and extended her heartfelt wishes for the successful realization of the project's objectives. Her supportive remarks underscored the importance of collaborative efforts and set a positive tone for the meeting, emphasizing the collective commitment to advancing healthcare initiatives. The Minister's encouraging words reflected a shared dedication to the project's success under NeHA's leadership.

The Minister of Health of Cyprus, Dr. Popi Kanari.

Marco Marsella, DG SANTE Director, on behalf of Commissioner for Health and Food Safety Ms. Stella Kyriakides, participants were welcomed to the project with opening remarks emphasizing the Commissioner's commitment. The session delved into the project's objectives, stakeholders' roles and responsibilities, and compliance with EU funding guidelines. Mr. Marsella conveyed Commissioner Kyriakides' message, highlighting the project's significance in advancing health and food safety priorities. The meeting fostered transparent communication and collaboration, encouraging active engagement among team members. The meeting concluded with Mr. Marsella's closing remarks, expressing gratitude and optimism for a collaborative and successful project.

Marco Marsella, DG SANTE Director.

In his role as the project coordinator, Dr. Schizas provided a comprehensive overview during the kick-off meeting, outlining the key aspects and objectives of the project. Dr. Schizas emphasized the significance of effective collaboration among the project team and stakeholders, highlighting the collective responsibility in achieving the set goals. He discussed the project's timeline, milestones, and the coordination mechanisms to ensure seamless communication. Dr. Schizas expressed gratitude for the trust placed in the coordinating team and affirmed a commitment to fostering an environment of innovation and excellence throughout the project's implementation. His insights and guidance set the stage for a focused and collaborative effort towards the successful realization of the project's objectives.

The project coordinator, Dr. Christos N. Schizas

In her role at DG SANTE, Fulvia Raffaelli, delivered a comprehensive policy overview, shedding light on the key initiatives and strategic directions of the Directorate-General for Health and Food Safety within the European Commission. Ms. Raffaelli emphasized collaboration and innovation, outlined the critical role of the Directorate in responding to health challenges and fostering a proactive approach to health and food safety at the European level. Her insightful overview set the context for the project, aligning it with the broader goals and priorities of DG SANTE, and providing a framework for effective coordination and implementation.

Dr. Fulvia Raffaelli, DG SANTE.

Dr.  Maren Hunds from HaDEA provided a detailed overview of the project implementation, focusing on monitoring and reporting mechanisms. Ms. Hunds underscored the importance of a robust monitoring framework to track progress, assess milestones, and ensure adherence to project timelines. She outlined the key indicators and performance metrics that will be used to evaluate the success of various project components. Emphasizing transparency and accountability, Ms. Hunds discussed the reporting procedures, detailing how data will be collected, analyzed, and communicated to stakeholders. Her insights into project implementation methodologies and monitoring strategies provided the project team with a clear roadmap for successful execution and effective reporting throughout the project lifecycle.

Dr.  Maren Hunds, HaDEA.

In his capacity as the project coordinator, Dr. Christos N. Schizas delivered a comprehensive overview, elucidating the project's objectives, highlighting synergies, and outlining dependencies critical to its success. Dr. Schizas emphasized the importance of collaborative efforts, underlining the necessity of working together seamlessly to achieve the outlined goals. He delineated the responsibilities of Work Package (WP) leaders, elucidating their pivotal role in specific project components. Furthermore, Dr. Schizas provided insights into the anticipated outcomes of the Joint Action 09 Xt-EHR, setting clear expectations for the team. His comprehensive presentation laid the groundwork for a shared understanding of the project's scope, objectives, and the collaborative framework necessary for its successful execution.

The coordinator and the project partners during the kick-off meeting in Brussels, November 2023.

During the kick-off meeting, key project leaders highlighted their roles and plans for different work packages. Dr. Andreas Neocleous, the project manager, focused on managerial aspects, emphasizing SharePoint folders and deliverables deadlines. Dr. Athos Antoniades, as the Scientific Manager, emphasized scientific oversight, knowledge management, and structured publication approaches. Dr. Alexandros Berler contributed insights into technical aspects, addressing innovation, data usage, and EU information highways.

The project partners.

Work Package (WP) leaders for WP2, WP3, WP4, WP6, WP7, WP8, and WP9 presented comprehensive plans, demonstrating their commitment to effective communication, stakeholder engagement, and project evaluation. Interactive tools like Mentimeter facilitated engagement and feedback. The leaders showcased a collaborative and transparent approach, setting a robust framework for the project's success.


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