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Athens Digital Health Week 2024

The Xt-EHR project showcased its commitment to comprehensive collaboration and strategic planning during the Athens Digital Health Week 2024 by organizing two distinct workshops—one dedicated to Work Package 8 (WP8) and the other to Work Package 1 (WP1).

The WP8 workshop, facilitated by project leaders, focused on consolidating commonly agreed elements, discussing the Xt-EHR scope, goals, and relationships within the EHDS Galaxy, and deliberating on expected results.

Concurrently, the WP1 workshop delved into critical aspects of technical work packages, including functional and technical requirements for Electronic Health Record (EHR) systems, implementing guides, and other relevant definitions. Both workshops provided a platform for project leaders, stakeholders, and experts to engage in strategic discussions, make decisions regarding project objectives and deliverables, and foster collaboration within the broader digital health community. The dual workshops highlighted the project's commitment for planning and stakeholder engagement, reinforcing its role in advancing interoperability and standards in the digital health domain. 

The workshops during the Athens Digital Health Week 2024 proved to be a pivotal gathering for the Xt-EHR project, offering an in-depth exploration and strategic planning session. Facilitated by key project leaders and experts, the workshop's agenda covered critical aspects of the project, ranging from defining the Xt-EHR scope and goals within the EHDS regulation to outlining expected outcomes and types of deliverables.

Participants engaged in discussions regarding technical work packages, governance frameworks for third-party collaboration, market-friendly approaches, and project management. The workshop not only provided a platform for aligning project objectives with EHDS regulation but also facilitated decisions on the representation, participants' meetings, and decision-making processes. The day concluded with a round table involving stakeholders from prominent organizations, including HL7, IHE, XpanDH, xShare, Label2Enable, and industry associations, highlighting the collaborative and cross-industry nature of the Xt-EHR initiative. The event showcased a rich exchange of insights, decisions on critical project elements, and a strengthened commitment to advancing digital health standards and interoperability. 

WP8 workshop

The WP8 workshop held during Athens Digital Health Week 2024, as outlined in the Proposed Agenda, proved to be a comprehensive and collaborative session focused on elements of certification and conformance in EHDS regulation. Commencing with a brief 15-minute orientation that included joint presentation by task leaders from Finland and Greece about elements of certification and conformance in EHDS regulation , the workshop delved into Part 1, where key topics such as the EHR-S FM basic information and its applications, concepts of CAS and EuroCAS, testable assertions, and global field experiences were presented. Mr. Mykkänen delivers a lecture to the audience about different aspects of conformance and certification which included aspects of functionality, interoperability, security, and privacy. He explained why we need classification and functional profiles and gave fresh examples from Finland.  After a 30-minute open discussion and position sharing among WP8 participants, the workshop transitioned to Xt-EHR specific next steps, dedicating 45 minutes to discussing expectations from WP4 and contemplating the need for a unified survey. The session concluded with planning activities, defining action points, and addressing collaboration with third-party entities and the technical helpdesk. Attended by WP8 task leaders, members, invited speakers, WP4 leadership, HaDEA, and EU Commission representatives, the workshop successfully accommodated around 50 participants, fostering a conducive environment for strategic discussions, and planning within the realm of eHealth standards and regulations. 


WP1 workshop

The WP1 workshop held during Athens Digital Health Week 2024 featured a wide-ranging agenda that encapsulated critical discussions and planning sessions related to the Xt-EHR project. Commencing at 14:00 with a session led by the coordinator Christos N. Schizas, the agenda included consolidating commonly agreed aspects such as the Xt-EHR scope in relation to EHDS regulation, identifying changes affecting Xt-EHR, and understanding institutional relationships within the EHDS Galaxy. Marcello Melgara led the subsequent session, delving into expected results from Xt-EHR and aligning project objectives with EHDS regulation, particularly focusing on Article 6, Article 8, Article 13, and Article 23. Andreas Neocleous then led a session on types of deliverables and how to create templates for each category. The technical work packages were discussed under the leadership of SPMS, addressing functional and technical requirements for EHR systems, implementing guides, and relevant definitions. Governance frameworks for collaborating with third parties were explored by Alexander Berler, including engaging with vendor organizations and establishing processes for input consolidation. The workshop also examined market-friendly approaches and project management, led by Alexander Berler and Andreas Neocleous, respectively. The day concluded with a round table featuring stakeholder representatives from HL7, IHE, XpanDH, xShare, Label2Enable, industry associations, and more, fostering collaborative decision-making and setting the groundwork for the project's next steps. The workshop provided a platform for strategic discussions, decision-making, and collaboration among key stakeholders in the digital health space. 



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